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Residents are being asked for their views on what to do with non-recyclable waste as Peterborough City Council looks to develop the city’s future waste facilities and reduce the amount of rubbish being sent to landfill.  

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Maladministration complaint submitted


I have just made a maladministration complaint to Peterborough City Council. 

My complaint is that the Council introduced parking restrictions in Park Crescent without proper consideration of the consequences of doing so or, if proper consideration was given, then the results were ignored.  This has had a severe detrimental effect on the residents of East Ward (Ashcroft Gardens and roads linked thereto)

The ex-head of transport and engineering at the Council, in a moment of extreme candour, told me that the traffic engineers did raise the issue of displacement of parked vehicles with Park Ward Members but were told to ignore it and introduce the restrictions anyway.  I do not know whether that statement is true, but the truth is that allowing some unrestricted parking on Park Crescent, a wide, long road with ample clearance for vehicles and few junctions, must be better than forcing parking away into narrow, winding streets with junctions and entrances at regular intervals.

I have asked the Council to have this matter investigating independently, and have asked to see the files and correspondence relating to the introduction of these restrictions.  I want to know:

·         what procedures should be followed when introducing parking restrictions (generic procedure note)

·         what procedures were actually followed in this case (timeline and event log)

·         what consideration should have been given to the issue of displacement of parked vehicles (normal process)

·         what consideration was actually given to the issue of displacement of parked vehicle (evidence of this, please)

·         what correspondence took place with Park Ward Councillors about the Park Crescent restrictions (please supply copies thereof)

I'll keep residents appraised of how the complaint goes.  

The redress I am seeking is to allow some parking again all day on Park Crescent, possibly only for students, to reduce the danger inflicted on East Ward by the initial (maladministered) ban. 

Posted: 7/26/2009