Peterborough City Council, East Ward
Councillor Stephen Goldspink

Latest on Waste Plants in the Ward

We are waiting for a Public Enquiry to be arranged on the Global Olivine / Peterborough Renewable Energy proposal to build a "Waste to Energy" plant at Storeys Bar Road.  

The Council has decided to build its own waste to energy plant to ensure that the Council has facilities available once a new, punitive landfill tax comes into place in 2011; we cannot wait, or rely on others, and building our own plant is the best way to protect local tax payers from possible swinging fines that would push up Council tax.  The waste industry is currently consolidating aroud fewer and fewer companies, and we all know what happens when the big boys take over an indusctry (just look at gas and electricity) so it would not be wise to leave ourselves at the mercy of external providers.  The Council's plant will have a guaranteed supply of domestic waste as income and, or course, we already pay to landfill this rubbish so that money will be channelled into the new facility.

Peterborough Reneweable Energy, meanwhile, intend to suibmit plans early in 2008 for an energy park (waste burner / convertor / recycler), which will be only one tenth of the size of their previous proposal.  Early indications are that only traffic and the effect on Flag Fen are likely to be contentious issues with this new application.