Peterborough City Council, East Ward
Councillor Stephen Goldspink


"What has Councillor Goldspink ever done for us", I hear you say.  Well, how about: 

  • Issued newsletters every two to three months telling you what is going on, from 2001 to date
  • Held regular surgeries and been available day (and sometimes night) time to help
  • Represented your views in the Council chamber and at committee meetings
  • Stopped the late night noise and nuisance from the Millennium Centre in Dickens Street
  • Challenged the late opening and associated trouble at the Hill Close pizza shop
  • Got traffic calming installed on Reeves Way
  • Made Breaks Snooker club install speed bumps and improve their premises, and prompted strong conditions on their new licence
  • Got the awful flowerbed traffic calming feature in Charles Street replaced with a smaller feature requiring no maintenance, and increased the number of parking spaces there 
  • Achieved the installation of concrete corners on Broad Close green, preventing traffic damage
  • Persuaded the Council to move a bus stop on Star Road to stop nuisance being caused to residents by waiting passengers
  • Successfully campaigned with Cllr Mark Collins for an HGV ban on Oxney Road
  • Got safety fencing installed outside Newark Hill School and bollards on the corners of Gildenburgh Avenue
  • Worked with Cllr Marion Todd to get horses on the Embankment removed
  • Campaigned against the closure of Hill Close post office (sadly unsuccessful)
  • Sorted out a drugs issue in Whalley Street
  • Sorted out a bus stop problem in Eastfield Road
  • Worked with Council to stop fly tipping in Meadenvale
  • Persuaded the Council to clean up the Palmers Road copse
  • Arranged for pedestrian safety fencing to be installed on the corner of Padholme Road and Eastfield road
  • Worked with residents to get the junction with Eastfield Grove and Eastfield Road Improved
  • Successfully campaigned for an extra lane to be installed at the Bishops Road / Vineyard Road junction
  • Persuaded the Council to resurface Gildenburgh Avenue - after a long battle.
  • Getting the graffiti removed from the Fletton Parkway river bridge, and having it overpainted each time the graffiti artists try to deface it; they must be getting frustrated by now!!
  • Worked with Cross Keys Home to make huge improvements to the gardens, road and pavements behind the Hill Close shops.
  • Shamed a resident into stopping anti-social rubbish dumping after threats and court action had failed. 

.....and 390 pieces of individual casework since May 2002. 

I hope you feel that you have been well served and will remember what I have done when I am up for re-election in 2012!!