Connecting Communities and Councillors

Northern Ireland

As part of the Northern Ireland project, every councillor in Northern Ireland has been offered help in establishing their own personal website. This project will run throughout 2008, and it is being funded by the Department of Finance and Personnel N.I. (Delivery and Innovation Division). The first sites will be established during February 2008.

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Every councillor in Northern Ireland has been offered an easy-to-manage facility to enable them to engage with members of the public more effectively. In many cases, the websites may enable councillors to use Internet technologies to explain their work and seek feedback from the people that they represent for the first time - online.

Any Northern Ireland resident will be able to find their own councillor simply by visiting the homepage and typing their postcode. Alternatively, we have provided a list of every local authority in Northerrn Ireland, and a full list of participating councillors in each council can be found using the links.

The websites are provided with the aim of helping councillors in their work as local representatives. The websites are not intended to be used for political campaigning, and every councillor's website includes a link to the 'acceptable use policy' that it has been provided under.