Gosport Borough Council has 34 Councillors representing 17 wards.  As part of its e-Government programme the Council is enabling Councillors to have their own individual web pages containing information that is local and relevant to your area.  Your local Councillor is your elected representative and even if you did not vote for them, they still represent you and are available for you to raise issues, concerns and ideas.

Below is a list of all Councillors, you will see only some have a live web page.  If you are not sure who your local Councillor is or which ward you are in, click below to search by your address or postcode.

If you would like to contact your Councillor, you can do so through the link on their individual sites.

Please note that any views expressed on a Councillor's webpage are personal and are not necessarily those of Gosport Borough Council.


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Councillor Surname Firstname Ward/Electoral Division Party
Allen Roger Hardway Conservative Party
Bateman Piers Lee East Conservative Party
Batty Linda Bridgemary South Conservative Party
Beavis MBE John Lee West Conservative Party
Burgess Graham Lee East Conservative Party
Carter Chris R Lee West Conservative Party
Edgar Peter Alverstoke Conservative Party
Forder Ingeborg Privett Conservative Party
Furlong Diane Hardway Conservative Party
Hook Mark Alverstoke Conservative Party
Hook Lynn Peel Common Conservative Party
Huggins Zoe Privett Conservative Party
Jessop Tony Grange Conservative Party
Jones Kathleen Bridgemary South Conservative Party
Morgan Ms Margaret Grange Conservative Party
Murphy Marcus Rowner and Holbrook Conservative Party
Philpott Stephen Peel Common Conservative Party
Raffaelli Phillip Anglesey Conservative Party
Ronayne Wayne Christchurch Conservative Party
Scard Alan Anglesey Conservative Party
Cully June Town Labour Party
Farr Keith Town Labour Party
Wright J.P. Dennis Bridgemary North Labour Party
Ballard Sue Elson Liberal Democrats
Chegwyn Peter Leesland Liberal Democrats
Diffey Ms Maria Leesland Liberal Democrats
Earle Richard Elson Liberal Democrats
Foster-Reed Clive Forton Liberal Democrats
Hicks Austin Brockhurst Liberal Democrats
Hylands Robert Brockhurst Liberal Democrats
Kelly Dawn Christchurch Liberal Democrats
Prickett Angela Forton Liberal Democrats
Bergin Patrick Rowner and Holbrook United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

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